“Bluray Breakdown: April 3”

The biggest release of 2016, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was released on Bluray. Star Wars fans around the world are reliving the war for the Death Star plans. Obviously this is a title worth having in your collection. What’s the main reason you’ll be picking this up? Is it the extras, or to dissect the film?

The features include a breakdown on the reasoning Lucas Film and Disney decided to go with these anthology films. Outside of that, you have a few character breakdowns which are fun for what they are, but don’t really add anything special.

You’re buying this film for the quality of it. The action is tremendous. This is the first time in the Star Wars saga that I felt like I was watching a war film. On that level it’s perfect. Visually stunning as always. Gareth Edwards did a fantastic job capturing a gritty feel in such a fantastical world.

The film lacks in character moments, but it wasn’t really about that. If you know even a little about this franchise, you know what inevitably happens here. Putting a ton of time into the characters would’ve made the war and destruction mean more. On the other hand you can see why there was so much time put into the action and not into the characters.

Rogue One is a great war film. When stuff hits the fan it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen. It’s the stuff in between that makes this film a bit of a drag, as much of a drag that a Star Wars film can be. It’s a good film, but is it a good Star Wars film with great character and moments that stand out? Not really.


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