“Weekend Box Office Report: March 31- April 2”

Boss Baby $49M

I’m surprised that Boss Baby did this good. There is a big void in the animation market right now, and parents thought Boss Baby was the only thing worth taking their kids to see. I’ve heard mixed things, pretty much that you can take it or leave it. It was a strategic move dropping this movie now, the studio knew there was a void in the market and took advantage.

Beauty and the Beast $47.5M

We all knew this film would crush at the box office. Domestically it’s taken in $395M, and $875M globally. The live action Disney flicks have proven to be very lucrative for the studio. When The Lion King live action version comes out, that’ll take these adaptations to another level.

Beauty and the Beast full review:


Ghost in the Shell $19M

Talk about a flop. Ghost in the Shell underperformed for a number of reasons. Whether the push back on Johansson’s casting was right or wrong, it played a huge factor in these results. The film itself is visually stunning. As far as the narrative it’s paint by numbers. For me, the visuals made up for what the story lacked.

Ghost in the Shell full review:


Power Rangers $14M

Lionsgate went on record in saying that they want to make five sequels to Power Rangers. The 64% drop may hurt its chances for one followup film. It still hasn’t opened in huge markets like China and Japan, so we’ll see what happens.

Power Rangers full review:


Kong: Skull Island $8M

At a worldwide total of $500M, you can say with confidence that Kong is back. Godzilla and Kong are going to crush, whenever that film comes out.

Kong full review:



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