“Going in Style”-Review:

Three long time friends are desperate to pay the bills after being laid off. They risk everything by attempting a huge heist, robbing the bank that wronged them. Will Joe (Michael Caine ), Willie (Morgan Freeman, and Albert (Alan Arkin) get back what they spent their whole lives earning?

Going in Style is one of those generic movies that get released in a slow week. You see where it’s going from the jump. Once you realize that, it’s paramount that these tropes are executed correctly at the very least. I can say that the film is a fun watch.

The performances get you through the generic story. Michael Caine is the caring grandfather, Freeman is the heart, and Arkin is the grumpy friend. All three play up their roles well. Chemistry was important in a film like this, and you believe that these guys have been together forever.

As far as the story goes, there’s nothing here worth while. It was fun to see these three go through with a heist, but that’s all that’s worth while in the film. It’s that and the performances, it’s a Redbox rental at best, at worst you can pass on it all together and be okay.

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