A crew of aquatic researchers watch as their subterranean laboratory gets destroyed by an earthquake. They soon realize that there is more to fear than the ocean.

As far as January movies go, the trailer for Underwater caught my attention most. A thriller set where it is with Kristen Stewart in the lead, you cant go wrong. January is the month where studios dump the films they don’t have any faith in. Fox/Disney should’ve had a little more faith here. They didn’t market the film at all, it cost $80M to make and only took in $15M worldwide this weekend. Hopefully it becomes a sleeper hit.

Underwater was a ton of fun. Definitely better than any release so far this year. Director William Eubank did a great job building tension and suspense throughout. I didn’t expect for there to be a ton of scares, but there were a lot that caught me by surprise. Underwater also moved quickly. After an hour and a half I was wondering where the time went I was so into it.

Kristen Stewart is a powerhouse actress and she fit the rugged role of Norah. It goes without saying, obviously she can play any role at the drop of a hat. Being an action heroine is definitely in her, especially after Charlie’s Angels. It didn’t do well financially, but she was great in it. There are a lot of genres at play here. Horror and some action among them. Stewart fits both like a glove.

Underwater was an enjoyable, predictable January thriller. I had a ton of fun with this creature feature.

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