Dr. Dolittle has closed himself off from the world until a young boy needs his help with his squirrel.

Seeing Robert Downey Jr. step out of Ironman and throw his hat into other roles is going to be interesting. He’s been Tony Stark for most of our lives so seeing him take new projects is nice.

Dolittle is right up his alley. He can use that charisma and charm to elevate the story of a guy talking to animals. It’s what Eddie Murphy did as well. No one is clamoring for a movie about a guy talking to animals, but people love Murphy and Downey so people will check them out in anything.

Some of Downey’s choices here, the accent in particular are a bit jarring. It was very outlandish and took me out of it. It seems like he’s a guy doing an accent, obviously he is, it just didn’t fit. Just unnecessary I think. Outside of that his performance was fun, charismatic and charming for sure.

I loved all the voice acting. John Cena, Kumal Nanjiani, Octavia Spencer, Rami Malik, Antonio Banderas, Emma Thompson amongst a massive amount of other stars all do a brilliant job. They feel like a family.

Dolittle is a fun yet predictable family film for January. It’s not memorable but you can take the family and have a good time.

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