“Annabelle: Creation”- Review:

Several years after the death of their daughter, The Mullins, a doll maker and his wife, welcome a nun and girls from a run down orphanage into their home. They become the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle. 

Annabelle: Creation was an apology to fans of The Conjuring universe. The first Annabelle wasn’t anything special, this definitely was. It’s everything the first wasn’t. These characters were interesting, there were true scares, and it was directed with some flare by David F. Sandberg. 

Sandberg builds some real tension here. Throughout the whole film, there’s tension filled moments. When the material gets a little dull Sandberg has the scares ready to go so you’re on your toes. These are real scares too, not a loud noise and a misdirect. It’s terrifying imagery. Sandberg did a great job here. With all the tension building and brilliant visuals, he gets great performances out of these young actors. 

Lulu Wilson and Talitha Bateman are the stars here, and they crush it. Some child actors come across wooden, but these two carried this film on their back. Lulu Wilson is so vulnerable. You can see the terror on her face throughout. Bateman as Janice was terrific as well. Without spoiling anything, her performance was a make or break for the movie, and she hit it out of the park. 

I love Annabelle: Creation. It’s a welcome addition to The Conjuring universe. It has the classic horror movie problem which is that it drags at times. However, Sandberg keeps you interested with terrifying imagery, and tension filled moments. This horror film is definitely worth your time. 


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