“Annabelle (2014)- Review:

John and his wife, Mia are expecting. As a surprise he buys a doll she’s been dying to add to her collection. Shortly after they begin to experience supernatural and satanic occurrences. 

In 2014, Annabelle was a hotly anticipated horror film. Coming off the success of The Conjuring, people were curious about that doll. Just the look of it alone was enough to terrify you. It’s no secret that a movie was going to be rushed into production. It’s no surprise either, but was this film worthy of bering The Conjuring name?

I don’t think so. If this was something unto itself, than Annabelle would’ve been considered a decent, middle of the road horror film. When you attach Conjuring to it, a certain quality comes with it, and Annabelle wasn’t even in the same stratosphere. It’s the dollar store version of a Conjuring film. There’s no real tension, it’s a bunch of jump scares that come out of nowhere and don’t hold any weight. Loud slamming of doors, violin playing, rocking chairs screeching by themselves and other horror cliches make Annabelle nothing special. 

The acting is serviceable. The leads don’t have much to work with, but they don’t elevate this material either. You don’t care about the characters, so even when a jump scare happens you aren’t on the edge of your seat hoping these people are okay, you’re just waiting for it to end.

I didn’t care too much for the first Annabelle. It has some jump scares that’ll make some feel a false sense of fear. The characters are bland, the direction doesn’t leave you on edge and there aren’t any scares to be had. Annabelle: Creations is getting rave reviews, hopefully that film actually scares us. 


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