“Weekend Box Office Report: August 4-6”

The Dark Tower $19M

$19M is the second lowest total for a box office winner this year, but it’s the second highest opening for a Stephen King adaptation. The highest being 1408. Studio expectations pegged the domestic total at $70M for its run, experts now have that number at around $50M. It cost Sony MRC $60M to make, so they’ll be counting on a big overseas push to make its money. Having overwhelmingly negative reviews didn’t help either. On Rotten Tomatoes it stands at 18% and a 35 on Metacritic. I enjoyed the film, and I’m curious to see if the multi format plan will work out. The plan was to do a movie, tv season, and a movie after that. If that plan still stands, it’s very ambitious. I applaud that at the very least. 

The Dark Tower full review:


Dunkirk $17M

Nolan’s latest film is performing very well. It dropped just 34% in its third weekend, and now stands at $135M domestically. The overseas market has been kind to Nolan as well. Dunkirk made $180M up to this point overseas and still has openings in China, Italy and Japan. In three weeks Dunkirk has made $314M worldwide. That’s well deserved numbers for Christopher Nolan’s brilliant new film. 

Dunkirk full review:


The Emoji Movie $12M

With a 50% drop, Sony has to be disappointed by the numbers this film is getting. A wide release animated movie should be doing better than this. With no major animated projects on the horizon for a few months Sony looked to capitalize. Even a film with decent critical praise and buzz would’ve done way better. With Dark Tower and Emoji Movie both doing poorly it’s no wonder why Sony is hurting for money. 

Girls Trip $11M

Positive word of mouth has helped Girls Trip in a big way. Leading up to this film coming out, there wasn’t a ton of buzz around it. Nothing intrigued me about the trailers, but when I saw it I was floored by how fun it was. It’s raunchy, and pulls no punches. This could be your comedy of the year, and it’s making money like that’s the case. Up to this point Girls Trip has made $90M worldwide. Incredible. 

Girls Trip full review:


Kidnap $10M

We all knew right off the bat that Kidnap was nothing special. Halley Berry is good in it. Outside of that it has a so bad it’s good quality. I genuinely laughed out loud multiple times during the film. So there’s some fun to be had here, but definitely not intentional. 


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