“Weekend Box Office Report: July-28-30”

Dunkirk $28M

During a down weekend at the box office, Dunkirk holds off two newcomers to stay at number one. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me in all honesty. For making just $28M this weekend, you’d think either Atomic Blonde or even The Emoji Movie could dethrone it. Not the case. With just a 44% drop from a $50M week one, Dunkirk is holding strong. It’s a visually stunning film by Nolan, and the action is visceral. I’m sure it’ll be recognized in some capacity this awards season. 

Dunkirk full review:


The Emoji Movie $25M

It was a slow weekend, and there isn’t anything out for kids right now so we have this. I’m sure you’ve heard the horrendous buzz around the movie. People are saying it’s the worst movie ever, and whatnot should be avoided at all costs. In any event $25M isn’t good at all for a film that was marketed this heavily. People heard what was said and stayed away. 

Girls Trip $20M

I’m so thrilled for the success of Girls Trip. I just got around to seeing the film and it’s a comedy that pulls no punches and delivers the laughs at every turn. The talents of Hall, Latifah, Haddish, and Pinkett-Smith was brilliantly assembled to deliver these hilarious lines. Their comedic timing was on point. Every sequence that plays out hits and hits hard. Girls Trip is definitely worth your time. 

Girls Trip full review:


Atomic Blonde $18M

This number is very disappointing on the surface. Atomic Blonde is an action heavy film, with bright visuals and a charismatic lead. So when I tell you that it only cost $30M to make, I’m sure you’d be surprised, I sure was. By no means does that justify this movie coming in 4th this weekend, but it being made for so little could help it. We’ll see how this plays overseas. 

Atomic Blonde full review:


Spider-Man: Homecoming $13M

The Spider-Man reboot is doing very well, to the surprise of absolutely no one. It’s winding down, but this film has tremendous legs. I believe it’s infinitely rewatch able. It has a little of everything. Great action, good comedic moments and a fantastic performances from Holland, Keaton, and Downey Jr. 

Spider-Mam Homecoming full review:



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