“Girls Trip”-Review:

When four lifelong friends travel to the Big Easy for the annual Essence Festival, they reestablish their sisterhood, connect to their wild side, while dancing and drinking the weekend away. 

I was very skeptical about Girls Trip. The trailers didn’t grab me like a comedy should and nothing really intrigued me about the film. With Rough Night coming out this year, I wasn’t ready to blindly jump aboard another R rated comedy. There hasn’t been a great one in a couple years. So going into this I didn’t have high expectations, even with all the positive buzz. Everyone gets something different from comedy so I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this film. 

All that being said, Girls Trip is one of the best comedies in recent memory. I laughed from beginning to end and I didn’t think I would. There was a flow to this film. It knew when to bring the laughs hard and when to let the story breathe to give the audience a little break. Malcom D. Lee did a great job pacing this film. He didn’t give you too many gut busting sequences back to back. Girls Trip touted many different styles of comedy including how raunchy it was. They really pushed the envelope here and it paid off in a big way. It was funny throughout but it was like a concert in a way. It built and built until the climax of the show. At that point you were dying of laughter, these performances have a lot to do with that. 

Regina Hall’s character,Ryan, is the person we follow in the film. She’s the reason these girls get to be reunited, and her story is the thread of the film. She was great. You buy her as the leader of this pac, but she’s going through some stuff with her husband Stewart (Michael Coulter) and she needs her girls to get through it. One of them is Sasha (Queen Latifah. The two have butted heads in the past because Ryan is a famous celebrity and Sasha runs a gossip blog, so naturally they go at it about that and don’t see eye to eye. Latifah is good as well. Out of the three, her character is the most straightforward. Meaning there isn’t a ton of comedic moments centered around her, she’s more part of the narrative flow more than the laughs. I enjoyed Jada Pinkett Smith too. She’s the mom gone wild and she plays it so well. She’s involved in the funniest sequence in the film involving a grapefruit, and it will blow you away. 

The absolute star of this movie is Tiffany Haddish. Her character is unapologetically outspoken, and speaks with no filter at all. She is a scene stealer. Haddish took this movie on her back and delivered in every scene she was in. The delivery, facial expressions, and physical comedy was all on point. She’s destined for great things off the back of this film. 

Girls Trip is a tremendous R rated comedy. It’s the best pure comedy in recent memory. After seeing this movie, think about one more pure comedy that made you laugh this hard. It took me awhile but it’s definitely been awhile. 


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