“Justice League” Comic-Con Sneak Peek-Review:

It looks like D.C. dropped another Comic Con bomb again this year. Last year it was the first JL trailer, this year it’s another Justice League trailer, and it delivered. Delivered is an understatement, they crushed it once again. 

It opens up with the same bank heist from the first trailer, Wonder Woman breaks through the wall and takes them all out. One tries to knock her out with their gun but she’s not bothered at all. Then she’s finishing up a sculpture when a man asks “What’d you do this weekend, Diana?” She quips back with “Me? Nothing very interesting.” It seems like D.C. has heard the complaints of the films being too dark. Having a bit of a lighter tone is important for them. Not everything has to be dark and depressing. It doesn’t have to be happy go lucky, but somewhere in the middle is great. Looks like they’ve moved from dark too a touch lighter. Also, opening up with Wonder Woman was absolutely the right move. Her movie is a smash hit, and giving people that positive thought right away was a great idea. 

The world is still mourning the death of Superman, and no one knows where Batman is. Where did Batman go? We then see Diana and Bruce. Diana says “They said the age of heroes would never come again.” Bruce responds “It has too.” I imagine Bruce was broken after Superman’s death and it took Steppenwolf emerging to bring him back. 

Speaking of Steppenwolf he has some great narration over the trailer that looms large and is very menacing. After the boom tube opens on Themysceria he rises from the ground wielding this massive axe type weapon. Then we hear his narration. “No protectors here. No Lanterns, no Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others.” The voice of Ciaran Hinds as Steppenwolf is a match made in heaven. He brings such a believability to that character. As soon as you hear his voice you know it’s on. Over the Steppenwolf’s menacing decree we see each character. The two shots of note are Aquaman in the ocean looking like a complete badass. He’s gliding in that water, it looks completely effortless. The Flash poked some glass and it pretty much breaks on impact. The others were the obligatory stare off into the distance shots by Bruce, Diana, and Cyborg. 

Action kicks in hard after that. Wonder Woman flipping through the air, Batman with the goggles in the Batmobile, Flash running through the street. All looking insanely good. If anything the action sequences and visual effects are going to make this movie a must see. It already is, but if you’re one of those apprehensive DC fans, these set pieces alone have to make your jaw drop. 

“Superman was a beacon. He doesn’t just save people. He makes them see the best part of themselves.” When Bruce says this line you feel Superman’s presence looming over this trailer. He’s brought up a ton and during the film we’re going to be waiting anxiously to see how he’s brought back. Durning a big action sequence there’s a red sky and it adds to the atmosphere. Aquaman is practically surfing on a guy through a skyscraper. Mamoa looks totally in control of this character already. There’s some more action that is stunning here, everyone absolutely shines, but Flash has the best lines here. “I don’t really go into battle. I usually just push people and runaway.” That line will have you in stitches, if not that one there’s “Oh wow, they really just vanish? That’s rude.” He’s the comedic relief here, and they need someone like Ezra Miller in the role to lighten the mood. He also looks to have a stronghold on The Flash character. He has the charm and comedic timing to bring the best out of it. 

Then we have the ending. Alfred is repairing something, and looks up. “They said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late.” Obviously this is The Son of Krypton. His presence loomed large and teasing him at the end was a perfect way to wrap up a beautiful trailer. This trailer is fantastic. It introduced the villain without showing too much. Snyder’s action and visuals look insane, and the lines from Flash and Aquaman show a lighter tone. Hopefully the film lives up to these great trailers. 


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