Christopher Nolan’s film depicts the true and dramatic story of the Dunkirk evacuations from a disheveled beach in France. As German forces close in, the allied troops soon realize they have nowhere to go. 

Dunkirk is an intense experience. From the beginning you’re thrown into this hostile situation. From there you’re hooked from beginning to end. Nolan does it again and delivers an enthralling experience. He keeps an exhilarating pace throughout. It’s a white knuckle experience. You’ll definitely be on the edge of your seat. 

You don’t know a ton about these characters. Isn’t that true to war? Are you going to stop and introduce yourself in the middle of a situation like this? I wouldn’t. Nolan decided to make you care about these characters through the hardships of this bigger picture. In my opinion it paid off. Even though I didn’t know much about these people, I cared when their backs were against the wall. 

The acting across the board is fantastic. Dunkirk is told from the sky, sea, and ground. In the sky you have Tom Hardy. He was great playing an allied pilot. Some of his scenes were the most intense. His face is covered for most of it, but you can see what he’s feeling through his eyes. Mark Rylance plays Mr. Dawson, he uses his boat to rescue the troops. Here is where the most character work is done. Dawson cares deeply for his countrymen and will do whatever it takes to save them. 

Dunkirk is a fantastic experience. It needs to be seen on the big screen. Not on your phone at home, go to the theater and make sure you experience this. 


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