“Weekend Box Office Report: July 14-16”

War for the Planet of the Apes $56M
The end to Fox’s epic trilogy comes in well below the previous film. ‘War’ made about $20M less than ‘Dawn’. It cost $150M to make, so Fox has to expect this film to have legs for it to make some money domestically. ‘War’ is a fitting end to this trilogy. This opening weekend haul isn’t the one Fox was looking for, but I believe this film is infinitely rewatch able. 

‘War’ full review:


Spider-Man: Homecoming $45M

Homecoming made the bulk of its earnings opening weekend which is the reason for such a big drop. People saw this film two or three times the first weekend. I believe the drop for next weekend will be around 30%. With Valerian being the only new release, that shouldn’t interfere with Spidey too much. 

Spider-Mam Homecoming full review:

Despicable Me 3 $19M

With the third installment being the only film for kids out right now it’s no secret why it’s still crushing. It’s made $620M worldwide and will continue taking in massive money. 

Despicable Me 3 full review:


Baby Driver $8.7M

For a movie that was made for just $35M, to have made over $100M is a true feat. Especially for Edgar Wright. His other movies don’t make close to this. People are loving this movie and telling their friends about it. The word of mouth has been crazy. 

Baby Driver full review:


The Big Sick $7.6M

The Big Sick just went wide, and the studio is probably okay with this result. With a lot of critical acclaim, you’d expect it to make a splash in its first wide week. Top five isn’t bad at all.  


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