“Weekend Box Office Report: July 7-9”

Spider-Man: Homecoming $117M

The second biggest weekend in Spider-Man’s history on the silver screen belongs to the MCU’s version. Homecoming’s marketing campaign was strong. It heavily focused on Ironman and that was a wise decision. Another Spider-Man reboot just three years after Amazing Spider-Man 2 could’ve been underwhelming at the box office. Focusing on Ironman guarantees big box office returns. For fans it brought upon some concern. Is this Ironman 4 or a Spider-Man film? Thankfully it’s a Spider-Man film we haven’t seen before. Tom Holland plays him at 15 years old. We’ll see more stories centered on Parker in high school. It takes a character we’ve seen countless times, but makes it different for the fans. I can see Spider-Man being Marvel’s new cash cow. 

Spider-Mam Homecoming full review:


Despicable Me 3 $34M

In its second weekend Despicable Me 3 drops 53% and takes $34M. That’s about average for a big movie like this. The third installment is more of the same. Illumination won’t try to break the mold. Like other franchises, if it’s taking in big money, there’s no reason to tinker with formula.

Despicable Me 3 full review:


Baby Driver $12M

Positive word of mouth has helped Edgar Wright’s new film this week too. Dropping just 38% from last week, Baby Driver is performing very well. Worldwide it’s made $70M. Once you take p&a out and give the theaters their cut, it’s probably broken even. If word of mouth keeps spreading, Baby Driver is gonna make a good amount for Sony. 

Baby Driver full review:


Wonder Woman $10M

Audiences love this movie. It’s made more than a Transformers film, in its 6th weekend when The Last Knight is in its 3rd. There’s something to be said for that. Wonder Woman has made its money, so attention must turn to the sequel. WB must do all they can to get Patty Jenkins back at the helm. She has a ton of leverage, and she’s going to get PAID. 

Wonder Woman full review:


Transformers: The Last Knight $6M

Paramount doesn’t care for the domestic box office at this point. They never worry to much about how Transformers does in the states. It’s not where they make their money. Overseas it’s made 76% of its haul which is around $375M. Will Paramount beg Bay to come back, or is he truly done? After these numbers Paramount has quite the dilemma on their hands. 

Transformers 5 full review:



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