“Weekend Box Office Report: June 30-July 2”

Despicable Me 3 $75M

Coming as a shock to absolutely nobody, Despicable Me 3 ran away with this weekend’s box office. It’s the biggest opening for an animated film this year, crushing Cars 3 by about $30M. It took in just about the same as Despicable Me 2’s July 4th opening weekend in 2013. The third installment is more of the same, but that isn’t a bad thing. Despicable Me is a good franchise. Nothing groundbreaking, but as long as they keep putting these movies out people are going to see them. 

Despicable Me 3 full review:


Baby Driver $21M

($30M Five Day Total)

All involved should be thrilled with this result. Baby Driver is brilliant, and is the best movie of 2017 thus far. Releasing it on a Wednesday helped with word of mouth, and its spreading quickly. That also helped with its box office total. It garnered $6M on Wednesday, that gave it the push over the top of Hollywood’s expectations. Also, it was made for just $34M, so it’s in prime position to make the studio a ton of money. That’s something Edgar Wright’s movies don’t do. It’s going to be his biggest movie by far. Hopefully word of mouth keeps spreading and Baby Driver just keeps making money. 

Baby Driver full review:


Transformers: The Last Knight $17M

Whereas word of mouth greatly impacted Baby Driver’s box office, it crushed Transformers. In its second weekend it took a massive 64% drop. Here in the states it’s safe to say we’ve grown a bit fatigued of Bay’s take on these robots. My long shot prediction is the Bumblebee movie being released next year will be the shot in the arm this franchise needs. It will convince Paramount to move on from Michael Bay and give different directors a chance to bring these great Transformers to life. 

Transformers 5 full review:


Wonder Woman $16M

I can’t believe how good this movie is doing. You expect a certain amount of success for a superhero movie right out of the gate. It’s transcended that. Wonder Woman has past BvS domestically, and in its fifth week it came one million short of beating out Transformers in its second. That shows you the legs it has. 

Wonder Woman full review:


Cars 3 $9.5M

Cars 3 has a bit of legs on it. However my fear for this film was realized with Despicable Me 3’s release. Cars 3 fell to the bottom of the box office and audience’s mind. Staying in the top five was good, but Pixar would’ve benefited by releasing this earlier in the year. 

Cars 3 full review:



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