“The Best of 2017 (so far)”

2017 has been a great year for film. Through just six months we’ve had superhero epics. Some were dark, and was the end for a beloved character. One was a smash hit, and made us wonder what’s coming next. We were scared, and left on the edge of our seats. Once by a first time director and by one that’s been around the block. Oh baby it’s been a crazy year so far. The latter half of 2017 looks to be promising too. Until then, here’s my top five of the year so far.  

5. Get Out

I struggled with putting Get Out in this spot. I was initially going to put it lower, but five is the sweet spot. Jordan Peele knocked it out of the park. He left us on the edge of our seat. Personally I had no idea where it was going. Get Out was a fun ride, and a good social commentary to start off 2017. 

Get Out full review:


4. Logan

Logan gives you with a certain feeling when you leave the theater. The way it wraps up is exciting, but you also have a heavy heart. Patrick Stewart in his last stint as Professor X delivers another world class performance. You forget how good he is in this role, but when he pops up you don’t think of anyone else but the Professor. Hugh Jackman gave us a ton of memories as Wolverine. It’s bittersweet, you don’t want to believe that this is the definitive end to Logan’s story, if so it was a fun ride. 

Logan full review:


3. Split

I struggled with putting Split here instead of Get Out. My tiebreaker ended up being how Split impacts the future. This film gave M. Night a resurgence. He really needed one after his previous disasters. The Visit was a great movie, but didn’t get nearly the recognition Spilt did. While this film plays out you can feel the tension building. When the twist happens you’ll be completely floored. If you’re an M. Night fan you’re getting a follow up that you craved for ages. If you aren’t you’ll leave the theater curious at the very least. Split set in motion a plan M. Night always had, if Split fell flat we wouldn’t have gotten that. 

Split full review:


2. Wonder Woman

This was atop my list until recently. A lot of pressure was on Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns to right the ship at D.C. Wonder Woman did more than that. It’s a film that people have waited a long time for. It delivered on that hype. Gal Gadot was better than anyone expected, especially for her first time leading a film. Now the audience is excited for D.C. films again, whereas before they were a bit cautious. Now I can’t wait for Justice League, and Wonder Woman 2. 

Wonder Woman full review:


1. Baby Driver

Baby Driver does everything right, plus delivers in ways you didn’t know a film could. The use of music by Edgar Wright fit seamlessly into the core. Car chases and action scenes that are directed beautifully by Wright, with music that fits right in. The performances are fantastic. Elgort cements his name in Hollywood as Baby, while Foxx, Hamm, and Spacey are as great as you’d expect. Baby Driver is one of those movies you can watch over and over. You’ll get something different from each viewing. 

Baby Driver full review:



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