“The House”-Review:

Parents who are struggling to put their kid through college partner with their friend to run a casino in his house. Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Jason Mantzoukas star in “The House”. 

The House is complete garbage. You’d think that a movie staring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler would deliver one single laugh, and I didn’t even chuckle once. I wanted to like this movie, I genuinely enjoyed the trailers and was kinda looking forward to this. Oh boy was I let down. If it was anyone else on screen, I would’ve walked out but Ferrell and Poehler gave me enough hope to stick it out and see if there was a gag I would’ve snickered at. Not even that. 

The performances aren’t anything special. I couldn’t remember the characters names, it was Ferrell Poehler and their daughter. They didn’t do anything to enhance such poorly written characters. 

From there we go to the story. The things that happen in this movie make no sense. I’m not really spoiling anything here, but if you’re running an illegal casino, wouldn’t you want to keep a low profile? These characters do anything but. 

The House isn’t worth your time or money. Go see Baby Driver again, or Wonder Woman. Do anything but see this  


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