“Weekend Box Office Report: June 23-25”

Transformers: The Last Knight $63.1M(5 day)

The five day total for Transformers is $63.1M, it dropped on a Wednesday and had Tuesday night preview shows. Over the three day weekend it made $40M. Those two totals are the lowest of the franchise. Transformers is comparable to the Pirates franchise, it’s not going to crush here in the U.S. but overseas it’s likely to make bank. Much like The Mummy, Transformers 5 isn’t making waves, but in the other markets it’s highly anticipated. The film itself is as terrible as the others, which was expected. You have to think Paramount was hoping for at least a $100M+ opening. Part of the reason they opened the film so early in the week was probably to ensure a number upwards of $100M. They have to be disappointed by this domestic take. 

Transformers 5 full review:


Wonder Woman $26M

It’s a box office juggernaut at this point. Every week we’re talking about small % drops. Audiences have really taken to this film. For me it’s infinitely re watchable. From Patty Jenkins’s visuals to Gal Gadot’s charismatic performance. You take something different from the film every time you see it. This film is historic for being the first female led superhero movie, and its the highest grossing for a female director. It’s a hit at the box office, and socially. Young girls are going to have a hero that they can look up to, and that is the best thing about Wonder Woman. Now Justice League is going to have a little of everything, which helps grow its box office potential. 

Wonder Woman full review:


Cars 3 $25M

People in the industry have been talking about how Pixar should be disappointed by the numbers Cars 3 is pulling in. It took about a 50% drop from last week, which is the norm, and up to this point it’s made $100M. Dying franchise’s don’t make $100M in two weeks. It’s not Pixar’s best box office numbers, but it’s not the worst either. Cars is the perfect franchise to have an installment every year, but Pixar has to be more strategic in when they release these. This upcoming week Despicable Me 3 is dropping. It’ll get swallowed up for sure. I think you should wait till post summer to release these, away from any other animated films. Look at what Boss Baby did, Pixar should copy that model for this. They could easily do more at the box office next time around. 

Cars 3 full review:


47 Meters Down $6.9M

I was expecting The Mummy to be in this spot. 47 Meters Down should’ve been out of the top five this week. It speaks to the lack of depth at the box office. Mummy isn’t popular here, and everything else has been out for a month or more. I think it’s bizarre that a straight to VOD movie like this is crushing Rough Night. A film that’s just two weeks old, with a massive name like Scarlett Johansson doing this poorly is a bad sign. To get beat out by a film that just a few months ago was being put out on VOD is embarrassing for everyone involved with Rough Night. 

47 Meters Down full review: 


All Eyez On Me $5.9M

The Tupac biopic had a massive 78% drop from week one to week two. This speaks to the excitement people had for the film in week one, but negative word of mouth spread like wild fire and they stayed away this week. More influential people in the Hip-Hop world have spoken out against the film. A lawsuit has even come up. It’s a disaster at this point. I do feel bad for Demetrius Shipp Jr. His performance was fantastic, and it’s being overshadowed and weighed down by outside noise. Hopefully he gets more work off of this. 

All Eyez On Me full review:



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