“Transformers: The Last Knight”-Review:

Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone. The key to save earth is buried in the past, hidden in the history of Transformers on earth. Saving Earth falls on Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) and Vivian Wembly (Laura Haddock).

The Transformers franchise has been the bane of critics existence since the first installment in 2007. Critics have said the dialogue was bad, and the story was convoluted. My issue with the franchise is there aren’t enough Transformers centric moments. It seems like they are the human sidekick, playing second fiddle to a human lead. If you’re going to include humans at all it should be the other way around. I don’t need melodrama centered around a boy and his supermodel girlfriend, or his annoying parents. Just give me Transformers centric story. This movie doesn’t seem to be any different. With Bay (maybe) exiting the franchise after this installment, the next Transformers films could actually be good. Who knows, I have a feeling that this one won’t be any different. 

It would’ve been wrong to expect anything different out of The Last Knight. It’s the same as all its predecessors. It’s not worse, or better, this is the Transformers status quo. Bay still focuses the main heart of this “story” on the human characters which to me is a fundamental flaw. When things happen in this movie, and we’re cutting away from a Transformers battle to see how Cade Yeager is fairing is truly bizarre. 

The dialogue is piss poor. Sometimes you think you’re in some weird dream with what these characters say. Attempts at humor are made throughout, and as usual they are just attempts. None of this humor sticks. Convoluted is the best way to describe this story. You could cut out a ton of plot and still get to the same destination at the end. Which is also a massive problem this franchise has. The pace is horrendous as usual. It felt like it was four hours long. You could even cut some of the characters out, their entire part, and stay on the same trajectory. 

Now for some positives. Michael Bay is a great director. He’s always brought great visual flare to this franchise. The action set pieces are always epic. That’s all him and his cinematography. Credit is due there. 

The acting is what it is. Wahlberg is serviceable, but he obviously doesn’t have a lot to do here. The script did manage to make Anthony Hopkins annoying, so there’s that. 

Transformers: The Last Knight is what you thought it was going to be. I’m the kind of guy that sees Optimus Prime on a poster, and I’m immediately going to buy a ticket. The Transformers movies in the future need to focus on the Transformers and stop making them sidekicks. 


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