“Franchise Retrospective: Transformers”

Usually when a big franchise film is released with multiple installments I rank them. With Transformers that’s a bit hard. Every time the Autobots and Decepticons are on screen together it’s a moment. The action directed by Michael Bay is always loud and bombastic. I absolutely love the scores and soundtracks to these films. It manages to add to the experience, where as the script and human characters take away. The voice work by the various voice actors in these roles is legendary. It’s everything else around it that makes these films hard to watch at times. 

The dialogue on the page makes you wonder how it ended up there. It’s truly that bad in my opinion. Between that and this goofy love story between Sam and whatever model Michael Bay decided to put in the film, you want to do anything else but watch the movie on screen. Megan Fox did get better from the first to second film, for whatever reason she didn’t come back to do the third was probably a mistake. It definitely didn’t work in the fan’s favor because Bay hired a Victoria’s Secret model to be the love interest in Dark of the Moon. With all that and Shia LaBeouf’s insane screaming, you may be able to watch these movies on mute and enjoy yourself. 

Mark Wahlberg is a better fit for this franchise. He’s a bad ass guy that has done plenty of action films in the past. That comes with a certain credibility, so when he’s running around with Optimus Prime, I believe it. With LaBeouf it was unbelievable. 

The overwhelming positives in the franchise are the Transformers. Peter Cullen’s Optimus Prime is iconic. He could say anything and it would give you chills. Hugo Weaving is fantastic as Megatron too. His voice fit so well with Megatron. 

The visual effects are on another level. When the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting in the streets they become moments. The Transformers franchise is filled with great moments, moments that should be taken from each film and cut together to make one massive Transformers movie. The less I have to see a poorly written love story, Sam’s annoying parents or Patrick Dempsey hitting on a girl young enough to be his kid the better. 


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