“Weekend Box Office Report: June 16-18”

Cars 3 $53M

It’s another great opening for the Cars franchise. $53M is nothing to take lightly for a trilogy. These films have been panned by critics for just being decent, when in reality they are good and not transcendent like other Pixar films. They are middle of the road as far as Pixar films go, but outside of those high standards they are up towards the top. A Cars 4 could be in the works if these numbers stay the course. 

Cars 3 full review:


Wonder Woman $40M

Holding solidly at number two is the superhero film of the summer, Wonder Woman. It dropped just 30% from last weekend. That was good for one of the best third weekends in superhero film history. Now we turn our attention to Justice League, which is under extensive reshoots rumored to be centered around getting Gal Gadot’s character more involved. I wonder why. 

Wonder Woman full review:


All Eyez On Me $27M

The Tupac biopic lands solidly at third with $27M. I say solid because the NWA story Straight Outta Compton did double what this made on its opening weekend. Does this have to do with the negative critic perception? I believe it can be attributed to the high profile names like Jada Pinkett and 50 Cent coming out and saying that it was pretty bad. That it wasn’t up to par for hardcore Tupac fans. Me being a more casual fan I enjoyed the film. I think it’s worth checking it out. 

All Eyez On Me full review:


The Mummy $13M

The Mummy isn’t making its money here, they are crushing it on foreign markets. Universal is probably thrilled that it’s making so much overseas. If it were doing closer to the numbers here in the U.S. in other markets, it’d be a disaster for their Dark Universe. 

The Mummy full review:


47 Meters Down $11.5M

For a film that was supposed to be released on VOD, to make $11.5M is fantastic. It’s not as thrilling as I wanted it to be, but it’s serviceable. It won’t have staying power but to make this much is a win. 

47 Meters Down full review: 



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