“Rough Night”-Review

Things couldn’t be any worse for this group of girlfriends. They are celebrating a bachelorette party, but when they hire a male stripper their night takes a crazy turn. 

Rough Night was the kind of film that you can decipher from the trailers. They tell you through the marketing that a guy gets killed during their bachelorette party. You know the way this story is going to go from the moment it starts. We’ve seen plots like this a million times. So what makes Rough Night worth seeing? This comedy is enjoyable because of the performances from these leading ladies. 

Scarlett Johansson plays Jess, she’s running for office in her state and is craving this little get away. Johansson is good in everything. I enjoyed her here as well. Her character is one of the more normal ones. She plays this straight for the most part. That juxtaposed against everyone else’s quirks made her comedic moments even better. Zoe Kravitz is solid too. I enjoy her so much. She pretty much plays the housewife with an edge in everything, but she’s great in those roles. Her role was similar to that in Big Little Lies, this is her niche I think. I believe she’s going to breakout soon. She has the charm, and charisma and just need the vehicle to bring it out. Ilana Glazer was good as a hippie activist type. She had some fun moments, nothing to write home about however. 

The two performances I liked the most are Jillian Bell and Kate McKinnon. The style of comedy they deliver is always over the top in their own way. Bell’s characters are always the dumb, lovable type. I enjoy her style of comedy, her stuff is the best this movie has to offer for sure. McKinnon is great too. They let her use an Australian accent, which I guess was fine. Her fish out of water schtick was fun. 

Rough Night was predictable as far as story goes. The performances from Bell and McKinnon make this something worth seeing. You’ll laugh for sure, but you won’t really care about anything else. 


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