“Cars 3”-Review:

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) was regarded as the worlds top race car. He now wants to prove to the young racers that he still has a lot left in the tank. 

Cars 3 takes its story from a lot of other films and wraps them into this one. There’s some Rocky 3, Rocky Balboa, and Creed here. It wasn’t a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. There was just a lot going on. As the story plays out, you know immediately what’s happening because you’ve seen it before a million times. 

Pixar’s animation of these Cars has been and continues to be stellar. These films are stunning to look at. From Radiator Springs, to the Florida 500, every setting feels alive. 

The voice talents are great as usual. Owen Wilson has been fantastic as Lightning McQueen. There’s a certain compassion that you fee for him, just from hearing Wilson’s different inflections. Armie Hammer as rookie sensation Jackson Storm did well. I enjoyed these characters, however the most interesting arch isn’t explored. 

Jackson Storm is Lightning McQueen. In the original Cars Lightning was the rookie sensation. Talking trash, winning races and ticking all the older racers off. In this film Jackson is that character. It’s never brought up that McQueen sees himself in Storm, and that in my opinion would’ve been the arch to explore deeper. 

Cars 3 is a fun film. Kids will love it, and adults will enjoy it as well. There’s something to be said with its lack of originality. I think Cars as a franchise gets a bad rap. It’s serviceable, and that is what Cars 3 is. 

4 thoughts on ““Cars 3”-Review:

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