“Cars (2006)”-Review:

A rookie upstart Lightning McQueen gets stranded in Radiator Springs. The confident racer finds the true meaning of friendship and what it means to have a family here. 

Having revisited Cars this week, I believe it gets a bad rap. Pixar in the past has set the bar extremely high. When a film doesn’t completely knock your socks off, it’s a bad film all of a sudden. The original Cars is solid, it definitely has its flaws, and it’s a kids movie that really is just made for kids. This doesn’t mean it’s subpar. Cars isn’t transcendent like it’s Pixar predecessors, but it’s enjoyable. 

Being a sports fan, it’s a story that you see all the time. The hot new rookie comes on the scene, and he/she is usually very divisive. They are good at whatever sport, but people either love them or hate them. Lightning McQueen is that. His team doesn’t like him because he’s too big for his britches and they end up leaving him. McQueen is basking in the fame of being in the top three point finishers of the racing season. He fantasizes about being the star of movies and being in all the widely advertised commercials. We all know athletes like this across pro sports, which makes this story very relevant. 
As the story plays out Lightning ends up crashing in Radiator Springs. He learns how to take responsibility, and is held accountable for his actions. I didn’t enjoy the Mater character too much, his humor is so geared for kids that it’s hard to enjoy. 

The rest of the story plays out as you could imagine. Lightning is humbled, and he now has a whole group of friends that love him. He became a different person as the film went on, and I enjoyed his arch as a whole. Owen Wilson does a great job voiding this character. I also enjoyed this soundtrack. It blends well with the story being told. At times it walks the line of being a music video. Other than that, I don’t have any glaring negatives. 

The sequel to this film is a different story. I didn’t enjoy that film at all, a Cars spy movie isn’t something I’m interested in. It looks like Cars 3 is getting this franchise back to its roots. 


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