“Bluray Breakdown: June 13”

In a massive week for new releases, John Wick: Chapter 2 and Lego Batman both dropped. Two successful films at the box office, and with the audience. Will you be picking anyone of these two up?

For Lego Batman you’re buying this purely for the love of the film. The special features are lacking. A few featurettes and deleted scenes are all that come extra with this. There’s some shorts that were amusing, but that’s all. Steelbooks are always the edition worth buying in my opinion. WB did great with the artwork here. 

As for John Wick 2, there’s plenty of features. Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski get together for an audio commentary which was an insightful listen. Am in depth look of the world of John Wick was my favorite feature. It shines light on a world we all want to know more about. Behind the scenes looks of the fight scenes and car chases. It’s packed with features that you’ll enjoy watching as I did. 

This week was great for new releases. I believe both are worth owning and adding to your collection. 


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