“Weekend Box Office Report: June 9-11”

Wonder Woman $57M

Wonder Woman’s second weekend drop is just 44%. That’s fantastic news for everyone over at D.C. Box office experts hate comparing its run to animated Pixar films instead of others in the superhero genre. Fans are seeing this over and over. It’s an incredible film and D.C. needs to lock down Patty Jenkins asap for a Wonder Woman 2. They should just hand over the keys to the proverbial car to her. It’s the DCEU’s best movie by far, its performing the best at the box office and Wonder Woman is getting the most praise from audiences. It’d make too much sense to let her control the universe. 

Full Wonder Woman review:


The Mummy $32M

Not a great domestic take for Mummy, but it crushed internationally. In 63 markets, it made $141M, for a worldwide total of $174M. That’s Tom Cruise’s biggest international opening ever. The film itself I didn’t particularly enjoy. It tried to be a little of everything, action, horror, and a comedy and it didn’t land in any of those boxes for me. News of a $32M domestic haul for Universal’s Dark Universe could’ve been dyer for them. With the international box office, its now on the right track. 

The Mummy full review:


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie $12M

Captain Underpants is definitely worth your time. I had fun with the film and I wasn’t expecting anything from it. It’ll make some money but even saying that depends on how Cars 3 performs. If it’s any good, Captain Underpants might be forgotten as soon as the end of this week. 


Captain Underpants full review:


Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales $10M

This franchise kills overseas. It’s probably going to double its $230M production budget when it’s all said and done. The numbers will at least sniff that. It’s a win for Disney if this even does remotely well. With Marvel, Star Wars, and all the animated films coming down the pike, Pirates is just gravy. Even Mickey likes gravy. 

Pirates 5 full review:


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $6M

What’s next for the Guardians? Definitely a third standalone film, maybe an appearance in Infinity War? At this point you have to assume both are coming. I’m happy James Gunn loves this franchise enough to keep coming back. Usually you need to step away from a series so you don’t get burnt out. Gunn seems to want to stay in the MCU. I think we’re all thankful of that. 

GotGVol2 full review:



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