“Bluray Breakdown: Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and the Beast was one of the most well received movies this year. From Emma Watson’s performance to Bill Condon’s direction and visual flare, Beauty and the Beast was a fun watch from start to finish. It’s definitely a bluray worth owning. 

There are definitely some unique special features to say the least. It’s hit and miss when it comes to extras. You either get a lot of bang for your buck, or nothing. Usually there isn’t a table read for one of the extras. That was definitely an interesting watch. It was an eventful one, with singing and dancing from the cast. You could tell how much fun they had making this film. 

Getting a behind the scenes look of the animation to live action adaptation was insightful. Disney has been doing that a lot lately, so getting a look into that mindset was fun. Other than these two features everything else is pretty generic. A look into making the music, and Emma Watson introducing the female members of the crew is all that was left as far as features go. The Emma Watson feature was sweet, she really cares about showing all the female members of the crew love no matter what their role was.  

Beauty and the Beast is worth revisiting. It’s a gorgeous film visually, the music is fantastic, and the acting is spectacular. I believe you should pick it up this week. 


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