“Weekend Box Office Report: June 2-4”

Wonder Woman $100M

Early forecasts had Wonder Woman making just $65M, boy were they wrong. Overwhelmingly positive buzz helped push Patty Jenkins film over the top. It’s the biggest opening for a female director. Taking the mantle from the god awful 50 Shades of Grey. Wonder Woman has been highly anticipated by audiences forever, a female led superhero film hasn’t gotten off the ground since Elektra and Catwoman. Both were complete trash. Once Wonder Woman showed up in BvS audiences acknowledged how special Gal Gadot was in the role. She carries her first feature on her back, and you love Gadot’s take on the character. She’s likable, and crushes the action scenes. A Wonder Woman 2 has already been announced with Patty Jenkins returning to director, but will be set in a contemporary setting. Don’t be surprised if they fast track it into production. I’m sure WB is eager to get this sequel going. 

Full Wonder Woman review:


Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


Audiences and critics have been loving the Captain Underpants film. It’s the first feature length adaptation. A $23.5M take is good don’t get me wrong. I think if this adaptation came out maybe 5-10 years earlier, it could’ve made double. Captain Underpants was way popular back then. Also, Boss Baby was very opportunistic in their time of release. No animated film came out during its run. In just two weeks, Cars 3 drops. At the end of June, Despicable Me 3 is being released. I expect it to be swallowed up in just two weeks, and forgotten about by the end of the month. 

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 $21M

Pirates 5 made its money overseas. $500M overall in two weeks. That’s more than double the production budget. I think you’re guaranteed a Pirates 6, and I expect Disney to make these more frequently now, instead of waiting 6 years like they did between four and five. I think that break from the franchise helped, but the international box office has spoken, and they want more of these films. Even if they aren’t doing crazy numbers here, they kill overseas. That’s all that matters. 

Pirates 5 full review:


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $9.7M

Just over $816M, Guardians 2 has had an incredible run. It’s a fun film from start to finish. In my opinion it’s head and shoulders better than the original. Funnier, more action, and the characters were delved into way deeper than the first. I cared more about the Guardians here. The third is coming and Gunn is returning. Let him close this franchise out and then move on. He had a good run doing these films. I’m sure Gunn wants to do other things, as most directors do while working on a massive franchise. 

GotG2 full review:


Baywatch $8.5M

What a disappointment. Baywatch hasn’t even made its money back. A worldwide total of $67M on a budget of $69M. This is the first time in recent memory that a film starring Dwayne Johnson did poorly at the box office. Not just poorly, but pretty awful. Is there Rock fatigue?

Baywatch full review:


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