“Wonder Woman”- Review:

Before Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) ventured into Gotham to battle Doomsday in Batman V Superman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons. When a pilot crashes and tells of a conflict in the outside world, Diana leaves home to fight in mans greatest war. In doing so she finds herself, and discovers her true powers. 

Wonder Woman was spectacular. Patty Jenkins directed a film that was truly special. It was action packed, visually stunning, well acted, and touching. She brings you into every key moment and you get lost in this story. The color pallet is very bright, which is a welcome change from the other films in this universe. Not enough credit can be given to Patty Jenkins across the board on this one. Getting fantastic performances from her actors, and bringing out the emotional heart of the film when need be. 

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman. All the talk of her being miscast needs to be put to rest. She totally loses herself in this role. Gadot is the heart and soul of Wonder Woman, and when it’s time to kick ass she does that in spades. She’s physically imposing in the role, and looks dominate in the combat scenes. Also, Diana is that fish out of water and that dynamic plays for great comedic moments. Gadot crushed it for me. 

The supporting cast stood out as well. Steve Trevor as a character is fundamental to this story. It kicks off with him crash landing on Themyscira, bringing Diana to the war, and then the climactic conclusion of the film. Watching Chris Pine’s character go through the steps of explaining how the world really is to Gadot was one of the conflicts that made this such a compelling film. 

Themyscira is such a beautiful setting, when the film starts you’re just in awe of it. We meet Antiope (Robin Wright), it was fun watching her and a young Diana build a rapport through training. Diana’s mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) was royal in every way. When she’s on screen Nielsen feels like a queen. 

As for negatives, and there aren’t many, Aries as a villain wasn’t flushed out all the way. His presence weighs over the entire movie, which was good. Nothing outside of that as far as villains go. Some of the transitions from a live Wonder Woman, to CGI didn’t blend well, but I’m really nit picking there. 

Wonder Woman was fantastic. It was funny, visually stunning, well acted, and had a tremendous amount of heart. This one is worth watching over and over. Wonder Woman is the first film in the DCEU that is truly extraordinary. 


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