“Franchise Retrospective: DCEU Films Ranked”

The three films in the DCEU have been divisive to say the least. No one really falls in the middle. You either love Man of Steel or you hate it, BvS is a masterpiece or it’s a muddled mess. Suicide Squad is a fun action film, or bloated and unknowing of what it wants to be. I’m a bit apologetic towards the DCEU. They are trying to play catchup instead of honing in on one film and making sure it’s as good as possible. Wonder Woman seems to be getting positive praise across the board. That’s a big win for this franchise. With Wonder Woman coming out this week, where do the rest of the DCEU films rank for me?

3. Suicide Squad

This is a perfect example of what happens when studios meddle in the making of a film. Joker was heavily featured in the marketing, but was hardly present. Suicide Squad was an easy story to tell. DC as they do, made it harder on themselves than it needed to be. The Joker should’ve been the main villain. How had is it to have Harley get locked up in act one? Then she gets broken out by Mr. J in act two. You finally have Amanda Waller assemble the Squad to take Joker down in act three. It’s simple. The Enchantress was cringe worthy, and Cara Delevigne’s performance was mediocre. There are some redeeming qualities in the film. The action was fantastic, David Ayer did a great job amercing you into the chaos. Also, the acting across the board was really good. Will Smith as Deadshot was fun to watch, his charisma is what carries this film. Leto’s Joker is good while he’s there, but you don’t have enough of him in the film to really render a verdict. A missed opportunity all around here. 

2. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Personally, I’m a fan of this. Something doesn’t have to be perfect in order for you to enjoy it. I acknowledge that there are problems here. It’s a long film for starters. Its called Batman V Superman, so it’s not good to have them fight more in dream sequences than in actuality. The fight in the third act was fantastic, and I enjoyed watching them go at it. There’s a lot of plot holes that get scrutinized and honed in on. Having Martha be the reason for the team up was a bit puzzling. Of all things, that’s the reason? Seeing Wonder Woman at the end was incredible. She stole this movie, that up until that point was Affleck’s film. His emergence as Batman took a lot of people by surprise. No one expected him to be THAT good in the role. For the acting, the action, and performances I can watch this film and have a good time. It’s when you put it under a microscope when you feel worse about it. 

1. Man of Steel

Man of Steel is the best film In this universe by far, however a film being released this week may overtake it. The opening sequence on Krypton was fantastic. Russell Crowe as Jor-El was special, you feel his love for Kal through out. The father son bond made this film for me. Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent was terrific as well. He brought the heart here. 

It’s Pa Kent’s protection over Clark and his abilities. Sacrificing himself because he knew the world want ready to see what his son was capable of, was a touching moment. Also, in all of these DCEU films the music is fantastic. Hans Zimmer’s score is one of the best he’s composed. That Superman theme will make you shed a tear. For me, Henry Cavill is a great Superman. He delivered in the action scenes, and in some of the touching scenes as well. The character as a whole could be a bit lighter, but for the direction Snyder took the character Cavill delivered.  


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