“Weekend Box Office Report: May 26-28”

*3 Day totals*
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 $63M

It’s a good opening for the fifth installment in the Pirates franchise. Disney is really counting on a great international haul, as the fourth film made most of its money in other markets. The worldwide weekend will give Pirates over $250M. They’ll be satisfied with that take for sure. Especially for a fifth installment in a franchise, other than Fast and Furious, by the fifth one people are usually burnt out. Domestically that seems to be the case. In other markets like China, Pirates dominates. It’s nothing special, pretty much the same as all the other films in the franchise. Disney doesn’t seem to mind as long as they crush overseas. I can’t blame them for it. 

Pirates 5 review:


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $19M

Disney is coming in atop the box office this weekend. GotG2 in its fourth weekend takes in another $20M. It was a tight race for second place, but Guardians ends up snagging second from Baywatch. It was a fun film, and it’s absolutely killing it. 

GotG2 full review:


Baywatch $18M

The opening forecasts had Baywatch making at least $40M. When it’s all said and done, Baywatch is coming in at way less. What can you attribute such a slide to? The film was all over TV, I caught a ton of spots for it. People were obviously aware of it, could the bad reviews have finally hurt Dwayne Johnson this time around? He seemed to be critic proof, or is there some Rock fatigue? We won’t know until his next film. With Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants being released this upcoming week, Baywatch has the potential for a terrible second weekend as well. This result has to sting. His production company, 7 Buck Productions also helped produce and Johnson served as an executive producer, what does this do for him as a producer? A bad result all the way around for him. 

Baywatch full review:


Alien: Covenant $10M

Alien Covenant didn’t do well here in the states, but it’s fairing better at the foreign box office, taking in most of its total there. A total of $136M up to this point, it cost $100M to produce. So we still have some time to get it into profitable territory, I believe it will make the studio a decent amount of money. It won’t be some insane number at the end of the day, but the totals will warrant another Alien sequel. I’m all for it, I really enjoyed Alien Covenant. 

Alien Covenant full review:


Everything, Everything $6M

YA tragic love stories tend to do well, this one isn’t doing poorly, but it isn’t crushing it either. The book wasn’t popular, and a lack of buzz and positive word of mouth doomed this film. This film will come and go relatively fast. 

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