“Bluray Breakdown: May 23rd”

Two of the years best, Logan and Get Out are being released on bluray. In my opinion both are worth adding to your collection. Logan comes with a black and white version of the film. Tremendous value there. Will you be picking up any of these films this week?

It’s no secret that Logan was an incredible film, with a ton of heart. Watching Hugh Jackman in his last stint as Wolverine was bittersweet for me. He’ll always deliver fantastic performances because he’s on another level. A cut above the rest as an actor. Knowing in the back of your mind that this was it for Jackman made you love the film even more. You love Logan, and as the film goes along you fall head over heels for Dafne Keene as X-23. That dynamic was fantastic. James Mangold behind the camera was great, the action was incredible. He paced the film well too. As for the bluray itself, there’s deleted scenes, an audio commentary, and a making of doc. To me the making of was the best feature. Such an in depth look into the film. Seeing it in black and white was a treat, Logan: Noir added great value to the purchase. For about $25 you get a 4K, bluray, and the black and white versions.  

Get Out was also a film that critics and fans raved about. Jordan Peele in his first stint behind the camera looked delivered more than anyone could’ve imagined. Peele has been outspoken on doing more social thrillers, and that’s obviously welcomed by all. The film was great, you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop as it’s going along. Peele did a fantastic job building tension and suspense. As for the bluray it’s probably as vanilla as you could get. Deleted scenes, commentary w/ Peele, and a making of. My personal favorite is the Q&A, it’s a fun discussion about the film, it’s meaning and how it resonates with the cast. There’s a fun alternate ending as well. 

It’s a good week for blurays. Exclusives galore of Logan, every retailer has one, so you can’t go wrong. Get Out was tremendous as well, and worth owning. 

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