“Alien: Covenant”- Review:

The crew of colony ship Covenant are bound for a remote planet on the other side of the galaxy. They receive a transmission from what is believed to be another uncharted planet. On arrival, the crew get more than they expected.

Alien: Covenant was a fantastic film from start to finish. Ridley Scott managed to take the best aspects of Prometheus, and Alien to churn out a suspenseful and action packed addition to this franchise. My expectations for Covenant were mild, this series has put out more misses than hits, but Covenant succeeds on every level.

Scott managed to build upon the world he laid the groundwork for in Prometheus, while still having you horrified of The xenomorph at every turn. It’s just a great blend of sci-fi, action, and claustrophobic horror. Can’t speak highly enough of the work he did here.

The performances are great as well, particularly from Michael Fassbender. He plays Walter and David. When both characters are on screen at the same time it’s a sight. Fassbender really brought it, he’s diabolical and sinister as David, while at the same time being calm as Walter. How can one actor can be so dynamic?
The other standout was Danny McBride. When I heard he was cast I thought that he’d just be that comic relief type. Not the case, he’s a flushed out character that you really care about Tennessee the pilot of Covenant. McBride delivered here more than he has in prior performances, a great dramatic take on T.

If you were looking for all your answers from Prometheus, then maybe you won’t love Covenant. You’d be right not to, but if you were looking for a fun film with Xenomorph from start to finish you got what you wanted. Scott directed a film filled with suspense and horror. Alien Covenant is definitely worth your time.


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