“Weekend Box Office Report: May 13-15”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $63M
Guardians 2 did great repeat business this weekend. A 57% drop from week one is what’s expected from these big budget, summer tentpole movie. It’s made about $250M in two weeks here in the states. It’s done better than that overseas making close to $385M. People love movies in the MCU sure, but I think fans have really fallen in love with the Guardians. The rapport between these characters makes it a fun time for the audience. I’m sure fans are excited to see what’s next for them. 

GotG Vol. 2 review: 

Snatched $17.5M
I guess the Mothers Day holiday had a little to do with the success of Snatched. Schumer has drawing power, but I didn’t feel that same buzz going into Snatched as I did for Trainwreck. The attention it got was mostly negative and that hurt its ticket sales. 
Snatched full review:


King Arthur $14M
This was a massive flop. King Arthur cost around $175M to make, probably more than that after the marketing campaign. The studio had to be hoping for more after the money they put in. It’s a shame, Guy Ritchie directed a really fun action film, and you really connect to Hunnam’s Arthur too. More people should’ve seen this one. What kept people away? Maybe the King Arthur story is tired and people don’t feel like investing anymore of their time in it. That’s the only reason that comes to my mind.
King Arthur full review:

The Fate of the Furious $5.3M
Now over a billion dollars, The Fate of the Furious has dominated this year at the box office. Both the foreign and domestic markets love the franchise, no matter where it goes next will be a smash hit. 

Fast 8 full review:

Boss Baby $4.6M
You have to start development on a sequel right? As much as I’ve said that Boss Baby is a product of a void in the market, it has crushed. Nearly $460M worldwide during its run. Now you can’t deny Boss Baby as franchise worthy. 


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