“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”-Review:

Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) was robbed of his birthright. He was raised the opposite way you’d imagine based on his lineage. In the back alleys of the city he fought for his life. Now he must come to grips with his true legacy, after pulling the sword from the stone.

Guy Ritchie directed a fun action film from start to finish. I was pleasantly surprised by King Arthur as a whole. When the film was announced and Ritchie was attached I asked myself how his tone would blend with this material. Wonderfully in my opinion. The action first of all is incredible, so exciting and puts you on the edge of your seat. How the film is put together by Ritchie really keeps your eyes glued to the screen. He incorporated the score perfectly as well, the music here is fantastic. If you like Guy Ritchie’s style you’ll love this film.

As far as performances go, Charlie Hunnam did a great job as King Arthur. He brings that rugged style to a legendary role. You believe him as a leader, and that’s the most important part. Jude Law was exceptionally strong. He’s menacing, and cold blooded as Vortigern. There’s a moment here that will make you buy into him as a villain even more than you did earlier on in the film. When Vortigern and Arthur finally battle, it means something.

King Arthur was a fun ride from start to finish. Guy Ritchie does his thing behind the camera, and gets tremendous performances out of his cast. It’s visually stunning, with tremendous action. This epic will fly under the radar this summer, but it deserves to be seen.


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