“Weekend Box Office Report: May 5-7”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $145M
Marvel dominates its opening weekends. It’s the second biggest opening this year, first being Beauty and the Beast. Guardians 2 is also the fifth biggest opening in Marvel’s history. Not bad for a new hero franchise. You hear a question asked every once in awhile from people: is there superhero fatigue? The answer is always no once we see these numbers come out. Guardians 2 was marketed very well, you saw it everywhere. Baby Groot was the focal point of the marketing and people were enamored with him. This film really delved deep into these characters. After leaving the sequel you feel like you know everyone a whole lot better. James Gunn directed an action packed flick with great character moments. Now I can’t wait to see how they factor in with The Avengers. 

GotG Vol. 2 review: 


The Fate of the Furious $8.5M

The run for this action spectacular is coming to an end. What a run it was. Fast 8 was one of the fastest films in history to cross the billion dollar mark. These films aren’t going anywhere. Some people even question if there’s fatigue with this franchise as well. How you can even question it is a bit bizarre if you ask me. Box office juggernaut is what the Fast franchise is. 

Fast 8 full review:


The Boss Baby $6.1M

Fox was genius putting Boss Baby out when they did. Other than the superhero genre, animation is the most lucrative for sure. Even an average animated film like Boss Baby can do big business. The narrative has shifted from franchise potential, to Fox having no choice but to make a sequel. 

How to be a Latin Lover $5.2M

It’s still reaping the rewards of being released last week when nothing really went wide. I believe it’ll be out of this list next week with King Arthur and Snatched coming out. Those are two films that will be in the top five, and this one will be the odd flick out. 

Beauty and the Beast $5M

Talk about a film that just keeps hanging around. We’re now in its eighth week of release, and Beauty and the Beast is still doing better than some newer releases in their second and third weeks. The Circle dropped out of the top five, making just $4M this weekend in its second week. Beauty and the Beast was spectacular, and these numbers show just that. 

Beauty and the Beast full review:


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