“Weekend Box Office Report: April 28-30”

The Fate of the Furious $19M
We knew Fast 8 would have staying power. Blockbuster films like this always repeat and three peat at the box office. The Fast and Furious films are tailor made to dominate at the box office. They are fun, action packed and have stars that audiences love, like The Rock and Vin Diesel. Guardians will dominate next week, but Fast 8 will hover in the top five for weeks. 

Fast 8 full review:


How to be a Latin Lover $12M
It was a slow week for new releases. A film like this has to come out now, if not than a month like January. It’s made it’s money this week, and will probably be bogged down by the upcoming summer films. 

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion $10M
This is a helluva story. Opening wide on just 425 screens, this Indian action film averaged $25K per theater. That’s incredible. I haven’t seen the two foreign films that released this week but both the studios have to be thrilled with these results. Particularly coming out ahead of a Tom Hanks & Emma Watson led film. 

The Circle $9.3M

I was really looking forward to The Circle having read the book. When I saw the film I was disappointed, not because of any particular changes, it was a pretty faithful adaptation. It was just rushed, two hours and you leave feeling nothing for any of these characters. Performances are solid, and if you really wanna head out, it’s worth a watch for that aspect. Other than that id stay home. 

The Circle full review:


Boss Baby $9M

Like the two foreign films released this week, Boss Baby took a similar approach when it dropped. Filling a family film void, Boss Baby has cleaned up. Worldwide it’s made around $400M. That’s good business. Boss Baby could turn into a franchise, don’t be surprised. 

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