“Bluray Breakdown: April 25”

Two very different films were released on Bluray this week. Arguably the best film of 2016, La La Land and the fifth film in the Underworld franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars. Probably the only time these two will be mentioned in the same breath.

La La Land was phenomenal from start to finish. The opening number on the 405 just hooks you. It’s shot beautifully by director Damien Chazelle and it sets the tone for the film. Between the music, the performances, and the gorgeous set pieces, La La Land is a joy to watch. As far as features go, nothing really blew me away. Chazelle gives a directors commentary, but La La Land has such great music that maybe you don’t want to listen to a commentary during it. After you’ve watched it a few times maybe having the commentary on will be worth it. There’s some features, Chazelle talks about how passionate he is about this project, Gosling learning the piano, production design, and a breakdown of the music. I like that there’s a feature for every aspect of this film. It’s a bit refreshing, some studios don’t give you anything. Lionsgate went all out for this one.

Underworld: Blood Wars was better than it was given credit for. There was a ton of action, and the set pieces were designed very well. As for the film, it was pretty paint by numbers, but what did you expect from a Underworld movie? They’ve all been pretty bland. Kate Beckinsale did an incredible job as always. It looks like the plan was to pass this franchise onto Theo James, but the box office numbers don’t really have that in the cards. There’s no real compelling features here. So if you’re going to buy this film, it’s to round out your collection.


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