“Weekend Box Office Report: April 21-23”

The Fate of the Furious $38M
It’s a pretty steep drop for the eighth installment, about 75%. The film is absolutely crushing overseas. $900M worldwide for Universal, a record for the studio. Next week it’ll cross a billion dollars in just three weeks. That’s a huge accomplishment. How can you justify not making these films after Fast 10? An eighth installment breaking records at the box office is nearly unheard of, only The Deathly Hallows Part 2 comes to mind. It’ll be interesting where the franchise goes, rumors are they want to go down under to Australia. At this point why not. 

Fast 8 full review:


Boss Baby $12M

Boss Baby is a decent animated film, I didn’t have anything more to say about it after finally seeing it. I enjoyed the brotherly love element of it, and the premise was cute. Other than that, Boss Baby isn’t anything worth writing home about. Its filling a void in the market. The film has definitely been hanging tough. 

Beauty and the Beast $10M
It’s a box office smash hit. People keep going back to take in this visually stunning film. Rightfully so, I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Disney found another lucrative endeavor in live action adaptation of their animated classics. The plan is a Mulan and Lion King adaptation. Those sound incredible. 

Beauty and the Beast full review:


Born in China $5.1M

These Disney Nature films are gorgeous. You learn something, and they manage to tell a decent story with these animals. It’s a fun experience if you’ve never seen a Disney nature film. 

Going in Style $5M

It just keeps trucking along. Going in Style isn’t doing tremendous numbers, but for a film that no one was really talking about, it made its money back. It’ll probably end up making a little money. Can’t as for more than that of a film like this. 

Going in Style full review:



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