Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl) sets out to make life a living hell for her exes new wife, Julius (Rosario Dawson).

Every year we get treated to a film like this, see When the Bough Breaks and The Perfect Guy. They are all the same and follow a formula. Disgruntled ex is a psycho path and is out for revenge. The trailers screamed same old thing, hopefully I’m surprised, but what’re the odds of that? Watching a film like Unforgettable can go one of two ways, neither leading to a compelling thriller. One is that it’s unbearable to watch and it takes it self too seriously, making the experience unbearable. Or, the filmmakers know that they don’t have much here, and they up the cheese factor and have a little fun with it. Im sure we’re getting the former, but we can always hope for the latter.

For the first two acts the film takes it self entirely too serious. It’s as formulaic as you could think, and you’re waiting for the obligatory fight scene to get it to pick up. Unforgettable is complete trash up until the end, and the director finally ups the cheese factor to eleven.

The ending “fight” scene was way over the top. It’s Heigl and Dawson play fighting. Throwing each other into walls, and that’s it. It’s the lines during the fight that make it laugh out loud funny. Tessa says “You’re in my house now.” Give me a break, I laughed hysterically and everyone else in the theater was as well.

Avoid Unforgettable at all costs. Maybe see Fast 8 again? Just don’t waste your time.


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