“Bluray Breakdown: April 18”

One of 2017’s best films, Split was released on bluray. A captivating horror/thriller that dives into the human psyche. M. Night Shymalan is back, taking his place towards the top of Hollywood’s best behind the camera.

Split was incredible. Experiencing the twists and turns for the first time was a crazy cinematic journey. As an audience member, you’re trying to unpack the layers of this complex story. Why is Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy) the way he is, with so many personalities living inside him? Shymalan raises such a unique question. If a person with split personality disorder has a supernatural being living within him, will he have supernatural powers? McAvoy delivered a career performance here. Pulling off all these distinct personas was a true feat.

As for the features, it’s packed here. Deleted scenes with intros from M. Night, detailing why he cut each one. The insight he provides is brilliant. There’s a making of feature, and a look into each persona of Kevin. On the box, the push an alternate ending, and M. Night explains why he didn’t use it. After watching it I’m glad he didn’t. It wasn’t something worthy of closing out such a compelling film.

You won’t regret buying Split. The film is incredible. A thriller that has you on the edge of your seat. It also brought M. Night back. Of course you can’t forget what happens at the very end. What does that mean for a future sequel? I can’t wait to see where this goes.


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