“Star Wars Episdoe VIII: The Last Jedi”- Trailer Review:

Finally, The Last Jedi trailer has dropped, the wait is over. Every year we anticipate Star Wars Celebration knowing that we’ll get some footage. The footage we got was incredible.

The whole trailer is beautifully shot by Rian Johnson. It has such a visual flare, bright and vibrant throughout. He looks like he has a great eye for this universe and is going to take the mantel from J.J. Abrams, picking up where he left off.

We aren’t supposed to get a lot of story points in a teaser. I felt the same way watching this as I did with the Episode 7 trailer. Looking at all the visuals and just being in awe. We get a little bit of time with each character. Opening with Rey (Daisy Ridley) on the island where she comes face to face with Luke at the end of Force Awakens. We know her force training has begun as gravel rises we see Rey’s hand using the force to manipulate it.

Hearing Luke speak was great. I was skeptical because of how secretive Episode 7’s marketing was. We’re we going to have to wait a year until we hear Luke speak? Thankful no, we here him coaching Rey through her training. Seeing that wide shot of the island, and Rey in the distance with her light saber was a gorgeous visual. My favorite of the trailer.

There’s some shots of Finn and Poe, Finn seems to be traveling in a pod while recovering from injuries suffered in Force Awakens. Poe is running from explosions which must be coming from The First Order, which isn’t going quietly.

Some more gorgeous visuals occupy the rest, and then there’s seemingly Kylo Ren’s mask laying on the floor melted and disheveled. Who got to Ren? We see him later without his mask and he seems heated. So much going on. I NEED ANSWERS!

It ends with such a bang “It’s time for the Jedi to end”. What does that mean? Since Luke has become a Jedi he’s lost a ton. His family is gone, he’s been living on this island, and Ben Solo/Ren turned on him. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Luke. What’s going to happen in Episode 8? I just want to see another trailer, more footage!


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