“Box Office Report: April 7-9”

Boss Baby $26M

This really is a case of nothing else animated being out. Boss Baby came out at the perfect time to make a little money before it’s drowned out by summer movie season. I’m hearing its pretty run of the mill, and in the animated genre that’s enough to make some money.

Beauty and the Beast $25M

The one star that I found interesting is $25M is the 10th highest fourth weekend take of all time. A North American haul of $435M is the 14th all time behind E.T. We knew this movie would crush, and it absolutely has thus far. Who knows how long it’ll be in the theater, I imagine a few more weeks, and while it’s here it’ll continue to make this list.

Beauty and the Beast full review:


Smurfs: The Lost Village $14M

I’d assume that Sony isn’t thrilled with this opening. I thought this would be number one, with a $35-40M haul. Grossly under performing, which may signify the end of this horrible series. With F8 coming out, Smurfs will be gone in no time. It’s definitely not the same demo, but F8 is the kind of film that dominates and drowns out competition.

Going in Style $12M

A movie like this won’t crush at the box office. People will see it because they have watched the three leads for years, and just want to see them on screen again. As for the film, its generic, but the performances make it worth a watch at some point.

Going in Style full review:


Ghost in the Shell $7M

With the massive negative reaction to Scarlett Johansson’s casting, the film had to be perfect. It wasn’t, they made the story a black and white type, and the anime was filled with shades of grey. Its a dumbed down version of the anime. Having thought about it for a while, the action isn’t nearly as good as I thought. Run of the mill story with amazing visuals.

Ghost in the Shell full review:



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