“Ghost in the Shell (2017)”-Review:

Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind. She was saved from a devastating crash and cyber-enhanced to be the perfect solider, dedicated to stopping the worlds most dangerous criminals.

Ghost in the Shell is a beloved property. The original 1995 anime is one of the best in the genre. It could be regarded atop the list of animated features overall. Fast forward to 2017 and we have a live action adaptation, which of course is already shrewd in controversy. Casting Scarlett Johansson in any film shouldn’t be considered a mistake. She’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and a prominent action star. Obviously there’s an argument to be made for staying 100% faithful to the source material, but I feel like they made the right decision.

Scarlett Johansson was tremendous. She has the mannerisms down pact. Every movement resembles that of a cybernetic organism. From the way she turns her head, the reaction to hearing her name, and her fluent motion during the action scenes. It’s calculated and tactical, but at the same time Johansson brings that shred of humanity that gets you invested into a character like Major.

The cinematography is top notch, some
of the best I’ve seen so far in 2017. The cityscape seems so grand, and massive in scale. Rupert Saunders does a tremendous job of capturing the scope of this world. It felt huge, with all the floating scenery and the tall skyscrapers. It’s definitely a visual masterpiece.

You can’t really compare this to the anime when it comes to the quality of the story. The 1995 film was so complex, with plenty of shades of grey when it comes to characters and their motivations. In this incarnation one side is good and one is bad and you go from there. Maybe that’s better for the mainstream appeal of this new film. We won’t know until the numbers come in.

With fantastic visuals and top notch performances, Ghost in the Shell is definitely worth your time. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen and you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of action. The source material is so fantastic that any film they made now wouldn’t have been able to live up to it. The 2017 version is a solid film on its own merits.

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