“Bluray Breakdown: March 28”

A couple of great films were released on Bluray this week. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a look at the wizarding word pre Harry Potter. The other is a story of true American heroism, Patriots Day. I believe both are fantastic in their own way, I’ll break down each release.

Let’s get the special features out of the way. Fantastic Beasts really doesn’t have anything worth while. A few featurettes going on depth on the various characters, and some of the settings. You get a couple deleted scenes and that’s all.

You’re buying Fantastic Beasts because you really enjoyed the film. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll love Fantastic Beasts. It has the same visual flare as the previous Potter films. David Yates directed Fantastic Beasts and a bunch of the Potter films previously. If this new Fantastic Beasts franchise is going to succeed it needs to feel familiar to fans of the previous work. Yates’ involvement was critical in that regard. If you decide to pick this up, there’s a great looking steel book edition at Bestbuy if you’re into those collectibles.

Patriots Day was one of my favorite films of 2016. Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg make a great team. Their work on Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon cemented them as a dynamic actor director team. Patriots Day solidified that even further. The Boston bombings was a terrible, tragic, and heartbreaking day for Americans. We all watched the nightly news praying that the suspects were brought to justice. Berg captured the spirit of Boston very well. The acting here is stellar with Wahlberg bringing the most humanity and heart to any role he’s ever had. It was truly moving.

This has a ton of features. Like Hacksaw Ridge, you get to meet the real heroes. It’s always one of my favorite features in a true story. You also get the actors meeting the heroes of that day, which was a beautiful feature.

Now you can justify buying Patriots Day because of the quality of the film, but this is also packed with tremendous features. I believe Patriots Day and Fantastic Beasts are worth owning.


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