“Weekend Box Office Report: March 24-26”

Beauty and the Beast $88M

This is a tremendous week two for Beauty and the Beast. Just a 48% drop from its debut last week. It’s proven to be a box office juggernaut which is a surprise to absolutely no one. Beauty and the beast reaches five year olds and it reaches grandparents. The whole family will love this movie. With Ghost in the Shell being released this week, maybe Beauty and the Beast will hold onto number one. It’ll be a tight race. Scarlet Johansson is a massive box office draw, it’ll either crush next weekend, or Beauty will hang on.

Beauty and the Beast full review:


Power Rangers $40.5M

This has to be viewed as a win for Lionsgate. When older properties get rebooted for today’s generation, they tend to not do well. Either too much time has passed, or people just don’t care. Clearly that isn’t the case here. Power Rangers did very well taking in $41M. This is another generational film. Thirty year olds can feel that nostalgia, while kids can be introduced to their new obsession.

Power Rangers full review:


Kong Skull Island $14M

Kong appears to be holding strong. That’s tremendous news for this monsters universe. It proves how excited people are to see Kong reign, and for the inevitability of Kong v Godzilla.

Kong full review:


Life $12M

I really enjoyed Life. It’s a horror/sci-fi look into space, one we haven’t seen since Aliens. Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson do tremendous work. The real star is Daniel Espinosa the director. He builds such tension and puts you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Life full review:


Logan $10M

Logan is doing very well at the box office. I’m sure Fox is left with a bitter taste in their mouth knowing that Jackman won’t be back after Logan’s great box office run. All good things must come to an end. Fox would be smart to get that solo X-23 film going.

Logan full review:



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