“Justice League”-Trailer Review:

The newest trailer for Justice League just dropped, and boy there’s a lot to unpack in this one. Each character has their own little moment to shine, which is very important for our new additions. Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg all haven’t been portrayed on the big screen, so it’s paramount for us to get hyped up to see them in each part of marketing material.

The opening with Bruce Wayne over looking that beautiful scenery was a fantastic shot by Snyder. You feel that grand scale right off the bat. Affleck is incredible as this character, I hope he stays on as Batman because he really made this character his. Batman overall has some badass moments. Throwing the explosive at a Parademon while rolling out of the way of attacks was another cool moment.

Seeing Aquaman more and more has really made me excited to see him in Justice League. Jason Momoa has brought a credibility to a character that may have lacked that element in the comics. Aquaman really wields that trident like a badass. He has some incredible moments in the trailer. There’s a little humor in his character as well. That shows us that Snyder has listened to the fans and brought a little levity to this film. When Aquaman throws the guy on the bar and says “it’s on him” it’s a truly funny moment. Or his interaction with Batman towards the end of the trailer “dressed like a bat? I dig it” there’s some really funny remarks from him in the trailer.

Then we have Cyborg, who comes off like a million bucks here. Watching him fly up towards the camera was incredible. Ray Fisher looks good in the Cyborg get up. There isn’t a lot of solo Cyborg stuff here, but he looks good alongside everyone else.

I was a bit skeptical of The Flash. How was Ezra Miller going to pull off this role. He seems to be the comic relief in the film, and he has some solid lines. When he asks Batman “so what’s your superpower?” Batman snarks back “I’m rich” come on, we’ve all had that conversation with a buddy. So what really is Batman’s superpower and the fact that he’s rich has always come up, so them playing off that in the trailer was a cool moment.

We’ve seen a ton of Wonder Woman footage from her own movie, so she’s just part of the group in this trailer, which is fine. She looks every bit of the leader of this group as Batman does. With Aquaman and Cyborg on either side of her she says “shall we?” if that doesn’t get you excited to see this movie than what will?

We get a glimpse of Amber Heard’s Mera for only a split second. What will her involvement be here? It may not be too big of a role right away considering that Snyder has a lot to focus on in the film already.

More importantly we get a peek at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. He and Affleck seem to have a good rapport. “It’s good to see you playing along with others”. After this scene we see Aquaman on the Batmobile, and jump off onto some Parademons, that’s the best shot of the trailer.

Justice League has delivered another incredible piece of footage. Problem is that BvS delivered nothing but stellar marketing. It’s a divisive film, hopefully Justice League is the one to unite fans.


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