“Power Rangers”-Review:

A group of high schoolers happen to find an old alien ship. Upon this discovery they acquire unique superpowers and become the Power Rangers. An enemy from the Rangers past has returned to exact vengeance. The Rangers must use their new found powers to defeat their foe and of course, save the world.

Upon the announcement of a Power Rangers wide release film, I immediately thought it was a bad idea. A ton of time has passed and it’ll be hard to garner an audience for a reimagining. Then, the trailers dropped and I was completely in. They’re fun, the five of them seem to have a good rapport, and the action seems to be grand in scale. I’m hopping to be pleasantly surprised, but it could go either way.

If you go see Power Rangers this weekend, you’ll have a blast. As an audience member you really enjoy watching the relationships between the Rangers develop. These five actors have tremendous chemistry and play really well off of each other. Darce Montgomery, R.J. Cyler, Naomi Scott, Becky G., and Ludi Lin were all tremendous here. Particularly the first three that I mentioned I believe have a bright future in Hollywood. There’s a certain charisma Montgomery brought that stood out from the crowd.

Dean Israelite helms the reimagining of the Power Rangers, and he does a great job. He directs this high school setting very well, as he did shooting Project Almanac. The action here is shot very well. It’s a bit of the slow fast motion that audiences have grown tired of, but it works here. The fight scenes are solid as well. He just does a solid job across the board.

There’s only a couple negatives. Sometimes the CGI is solid, other times it’s very unrealistic. Tonally there’s a bit of an issue as well. We get a gritty movie at times, and then Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) is introduced and we’re down this cheesy route. It never commuted fully to either side. The film was either a little gritty or a little cheesy.

My verdict is that Power Rangers is tremendous. You’ll have a great time at the theater. It’s funny, action packed, and a coming of age tale.


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