“Bluray Breakdown: March 21”

It’s another slow week for new releases. Just the animated film Sing, and political thriller Miss Sloane. Sing was received very well by the critics, while Miss Sloane was met with mixed reviews. Are either of these films worth owning?

I believe Sing is worth buying. The voice work from the various actors here is pretty spot on. Matthew McConaughey did his first voice over work here and he didn’t disappoint. Buster Moon as a character lends himself to be voiced by such a powerful actor. Most of the characters are voiced by A listers. Among them are Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, and Seth Macfarlane. All doing tremendous work.

As for the music here, while your watching the film you find yourself tapping your foot. Now that we’re a few months from the initial release, I can’t tell you a single song from the film off the top of my head. Memorable musicals will have a few tracks you’ll know right away. That isn’t the case here in retrospect. I believe you can watch Sing a few times and get a kick out of it, but it isn’t infinitely rewatch able. Too many other great animated films came out in 2016 to justify buying this one.

Miss Sloane flew under the radar. There wasn’t a big marketing campaign. I don’t think anyone saw this movie. Is it worth a watch? I don’t think you’re missing much. Jessica Chastain is good as always, had anyone else been in this role, Miss Sloane would’ve been unwatchable. It’s not really worth buying in my opinion.


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