“Weekend Box Office Report: March 17-19”

Beauty and the Beast $170M

A record breaking weekend for the tale as old as time. The biggest March opening of all time is now Beauty and the Beast. Rumblings were that it was going to be a massive weekend for the live action adaptation, but that’s a big number. The film is magical, as was the 1991 version. In some moments you’re taken back to that feeling you had watching the animated classic. Some others feel new, especially visually. Bill Condon did a fantastic job capturing the landscapes, and shooting the musical numbers. I’m sure it’ll have a steep week two drop, but I believe it’s worth seeing a second time.

Beauty and the Beast review:


Kong: Skull Island $29M

A 50% drop for Kong isn’t too bad. It’s a really good film if you’re just focused on Kong. Everything else is pretty generic. Skull Island is shot brilliantly by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, as are the fight scenes. He did his job on the Kong front. I’m sure everyone is excited to see Kong V. Godzilla after this.

Kong Skull Island full review:


Logan $17.6M

It’s no surprise that Logan is making a pretty penny. I believe it’s the best film of 2017 so far. It’ll be hard to top Logan at years end. So many deep themes for a superhero movie. Logan has been on a loop in my head since I saw it. Hugh Jackman, if this really is the end for your turn as Wolverine, thank you sir.

Logan full review:


Get Out $13M

At this point you can’t say anything new about Get Out at the box office. It’s been absolutely crushing it. For a film that only cost $4.5M to make, it’s been rolling in money. What will Peele be helming next?

Get Out full review:


The Shack $6.2M

With another blockbuster in Power Rangers being released next week, I’m sure The Shack will be seeing itself out. It is a very deep film, a little heavy handed at times but Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington have their moments.


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